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Dance Paws - Basic Sole
    Dance Paws - Basic Sole
    Purchase Dance Paws - Basic Sole
    • SKU: DP-Basic
      Dance Paws - Basic Sole

    • $32.95


    - Less friction than skin, maximum barefoot feel.
    - Synthetic suede sole for smooth turns.
    - Trim toe holes if needed. 

    We recommend that small children start with XS. The XXS is for a tiny child with a narrow foot who really needs it to fit tight for competition or demanding use. Since the fabric stretches, an XS will seem quite snug but comfortable, and your child will grow into it.


    Stand on a piece of paper, and with a pencil held vertically, trace the sides of your foot. Measure the widest distance.

    Find that measurement in the chart below. If you have feet on the thicker side, or are in between sizes, order the larger size. They’ll stretch to their final snug fit after about 6 hours of wear. 

    XXS is very small

    We recommend that most small children start with XS. The XXS is for a tiny dancer with a narrow foot who really needs it to fit tight for competition or other demanding use. An XS will be more comfortable, and your child will grow into it. If you are unsure, please call us. 617-945-3044. 

    If you cannot measure before ordering, use this shoe size chart, but measuring is best. If you wear a wide shoe, get one size bigger. 

    Best to Measure Foot For Size - Shoe Size Chart for Gifts

    Wear and Care

    long muscular legs with Dance Paws Dance Paws are kept snugly in place by individual toe holes and a wide elastic band. They are made with durable 'powermesh' spandex and synthetic suede. Dance Paws shape to your foot, creating a comfortable and secure fit.

    Manufactured in the USA with all vegan materials. 

    Two Soles

    Basic: maximum barefoot feel
    Padded: Basic bottom surface with cushion

    Three Colors

    Light Nude,  Dark Nude,   Black
    light nude Dance Paws product shot dark nude Dance Paws product shot  black Dance Paws product shot

    Use powder base makeup to match perfectly.

    Putting on your Paws

    • Place tip of each toe in its hole, then pull till snug against foot. 
    • If holes are too tight customize using instructions below. *** 
    • Dance Paws will conform perfectly to your foot after 6 hours, at first they will feel tight around your foot, but should be comfortable around your toes. 

    Customizing Your Toe Holes

    *** If your toe holes are too tight, draw a mark where the fabric overlaps onto your toes. Use a small sharp scissors (nail scissors). Trim to the mark you made. A small cut makes a big difference. Do not cut between the toes. Cut above the hole as shown. 

      Paw Care

      Wash in cold or warm water, gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry. The gentler you are to them when you put them on and take them off, the longer they will last.